Syncronetics supports the entire Design, Production and Post Production Manufacturing Process. Syncronetics sells integrated Systems that include not only robust 3D Printers, but also the Post Production Support, Products and Training that make these products work effectively in the real world of industrial manufacturing.




  • S100 professional entry level, 10x10x10 and 12x12x12
  • S200 basic industrial (<12×12 to 36×36)
  • S300 large format basic industrial (40×40 to 70×70)
  • S400 advanced temperature industrial (ABS)
  • S500 high temperature (PEEK, PEI/ULTEM 9085)



Custom Configurations Available

–Custom Sizing

–Custom Print Capabilities

–Custom Layouts

–Laser Etching

–Vacuum/Hydraulic Forming Assemblies



About our 3D Printers:
Syncronetics strives to bring fourth engineering and technology, from past to present, integrating the latest in today’s technology with tried and proven engineering practices. We strive to streamline the digital-to-physical process, leveraging the power of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and advancements in 3D Printer Technology (3DPT). It is through this combination of PC-to-Reality that we are able to achieve quality and cost effective design, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

3D Printers offer endless possibilities for designers and engineers alike. They allow for a smooth transition through prototyping to production. Syncronetics is proud to offer an array of 3D printers, from a smaller 12”x12”x12” to the larger 50”x50”x36” form factor.
***For information, pricing, or quotes please email info@syncronetics.com or call 714-884-3083.