Nothing on the market at this price can match the performance of the Syncro3D S100 Printer. To date, the patent-pending Syncro3D Printers have been exclusively available to the US Military. For the first time ever, engineers now have access to this high-performing 3D Printer in a desktop size, with a heated 12″x12″x12″print area. The Syncro3D S100 Printer is fully enclosed and includes a unique Gear-Drive™, Heavy Duty Welded Aluminum Frame, Custom Built Print Bed Assembly, Customized Extrusion Feed and Extruder, Control System and Leading Edge Software. Syncro3D S100 provides high-duty cycle, reliability, durabililty, precision, speed, accuracy, and repeatibility. The system allows the user to customize the print parameters using macros, enabling a highly customizable print process. Our printers are 100% designed, sourced and built in the USA.

COMING SOON, Details to follow.  For more information, connect with us on Facebook.