Core Focus


Our core focus areas are:

  • We understand and can define the system level ‘big picture’, whether business or technology/engineering
  • We know how to translate system objectives to specific and quantified project or product objectives
  • We know how to develop integrated solutions to meet these requirements using:
    • engineered equipment, product or process solutions
    • Integrated software based intelligence to provide ‘smart’ solutions



Our Unique Value Proposition

  • Syncronetics offers a unique combination of management and technical skills, which combined provide powerful holistic solutions to business problems.
  • We focus on all three requirements for success – performance, money and time.
  • We identify risk upfront and manage this proactively to control the downside; however, our focus remains value-add to enhance the upside to add value and ROI .
  • We know that programs and projects do not stand in isolation, but have a purpose in meeting operational, tactical or strategic objectives.
  • We combine the advantages of a small business with the benefits of large organizations by highly leveraging personnel expertise, technology and best practices.
  • We carefully control our overhead infrastructure costs which keeps us nimble and cost effective. We complement in-house capabilities with teaming partners with specialized skills as needed, to both enhance the scope we can offer and to keep infrastructure costs down.


Industries/Products Experience

  • Supply Chain, management
  • Logistics
  • Automotive & Automotive Aftermarket
  • Custom Vehicles & Components, vehicle niche markets
  • Business Management, related tools (SOA, Business Analytics, EAI)
  • Truck and Transport
  • Consumer Goods
  • Composites
  • Software & Technology
  • Emerging markets such as UAVs, solar energy, wind power
  • Emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, RFID, additive manufacturing