…you could have access to a high quality 3D printing system at the cost of a hobbyist printer?

Speaking to the innovators of the world. We want you to have the tools you need to think bigger, do more, and move forward.
Imagine having access to a high performing 3D printer for your business? Across all industries this type of transformation is game changing. When small and medium sized businesses utilize this technology, the benefits and possibilities are endless. The application of 3D Printing is the key to growing your business and opening new doors. Syncronetics is leading this 3D printing revolution by providing cost effective, high quality, heavy duty 3D printers to the small-medium sized businesses and light industrial market. 
How’s this happening? What’s Changing?

Industrial engineers are well familiar with the continuing issue in 3D printing: the balance of Cost vs Performance, with the only options available being either high-cost industrial grade machines or low-cost, low-quality (hobbyist) printers.  

​The Syncro3D S Series printers will be the solution to close the gap in the marketplace. ​
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Nothing on the market at this price can match the performance of the Syncro3D S100 Printer. For the first time ever, engineers now have access to this high-performing 3D Printer in a desktop size, with a heated 12″x12″x12″print area. The Syncro3D S100 Printer is fully enclosed and includes a unique Gear-Drive™, Heavy Duty Welded Aluminum Frame, Custom Built Print Bed Assembly, Customized Extrusion Feed and Extruder, Control System and Leading Edge Software. Syncro3D S100 provides high-duty cycle, reliability, durabililty, precision, speed, accuracy, and repeatibility. The system allows the user to customize the print parameters using macros, enabling a highly customizable print process. Our printers are 100% designed, sourced and built in the USA.
​To date the Synronetics systems have only been available to the industrial and military markets. ​

This is the first time a Syncronetics printer has been offered on the open market and there is no other way to acquire one. 

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Syncronetics is creating a 3D Syncro Community, to support open source, open thought and the sharing of innovation that democratizes 3D printing.

We believe in the American economy, we welcome anyone who wants to get involved in this new wave, and we happily will share our knowledge and skills in facilitating this. You’re invited to join the Syncronetics community with our new S100 offered on Kickstarter in February 2017!
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Last Modified: February 3, 2017